You will not see me in many events but  for sure, I couldn’t miss this one. On Thursday, April 14th, l’Aeronef Lille concert hall in Lille, France, will devote its space to the opening of the exhibition DOGGYBAGS the Grindhouse comics by the Label  619 (Ankama Editions) created by Run  with whom I had the pleasure of writing Doggybags #6 : HEARTBREAKER, a violent and bloody story… (click here to read it on line in English )

Meet us at 7pm : posters, light covers,  framed originals, serigraphs, signing sessions of the authors , goodies,… Chateau Brutal (Airnadette) will be at  the decks (you could also see him in the  Heartbreaker teaser) … and myself, since I will have the pleasure of doing my  very first Dj set. A promising evening full of adrenalin. Hope to see you there!



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